i think that for christmas, everyone should send positive messages to each other, anon or not.

everyone should wake up on christmas morning with at least one nice message.

i think that would be a great christmas.

Guys can we make this happen?


Do This!


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hi hello if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today

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is it just me, or does anyone at ALL feel sorry for Thor when Loki kicks him? It just seems people only care about Loki. Not everything is about him. I love Tom, dearly, but I think it’s time Chris also gets some attention.

Hell yes! Poor Thor, he is such a good guy and all he gets is pain and suffering and betrayal..
And everybody is gushing about Loki!

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This blog will from now on be continued at

:) Join me there. There won’t only be Tom Hiddleston, though, there might be some Chris Hemsworth, Gordon Ramsay, Daniel Brühl, Jason Isaacs, and maybe some music (metal)… 

I won’t be posting in this blog anymore, though, so… please follow my other blog. :)


Wie gut ist bitte dieser Beitrag aus der Cinema 10/13 ?!
Meet Tick, Trick & Track!


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What have I done?!


I can’t watch formula 1 again T.T
because in Germany Niki Lauda does the preliminary report before every race.
Now I feel guilty everytime I see him ‘cause I ship movieNiki x movieJames…
What the hell is wrong with my brain???!!!

holy shit I was thinking the same. 

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Floor Jansen, you beautiful human being, let me love you.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy about a decision like that before. Nope. Definitely haven’t.

He’s like a curious kitten!!

He’s like a curious kitten!!

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Lucius looks very pleased here. 

Aww yiss, that pleased, confident smile!


Lucius looks very pleased here. 

Aww yiss, that pleased, confident smile!

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